Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.

My name is Matias and I am the owner and producer of this fine coffee you are about to purchase. In 2011, I began making my dream a reality, which for a long time seemed daunting and perplexing.

After searching the entire island for the right terrain to grow coffee, I came across an inspiring place in the Upper Puna region, on the windward side. The first years were nothing but strenuous labor preparing the land, planting seedlings, and caring for the infant plants. There was not a single day I didn’t questioned myself for such a commitment I had undertaken.

Rain or shine, I was out there doing it all. Some great people, friends, volunteers and family members came and went, and their help contributed to making this aspiration take place, as well.

One thing I did learn and came to appreciate through it all was the importance of water firstly for all life forms, and more specifically for the coffee plant. The rains that come to this side of the island travel across half of the Pacific, becoming one of the purest on the entire planet through constant evaporation and precipitation over the ocean. Hence, the reason why I named my farm so.

After four unrelenting years, I got my first true harvest in the second half of 2015. Seeing the plants bloom at the beginning of the year, with their alluring jasmine-like perfume, through the development of the coffee cherries in the summer, and the final picking season in autumn, was an emotive journey. And here we are finally.

I am delighted to present to you an experience, rather than a product. It encompasses all of my dedication, love and hard work, which I am more than sure comes through the quality and flavor of this coffee. I’d like you to appreciate the fact that I am involved in every aspect of the development and caring of this coffee. I weed the plants, I mulch them, I feed them, I pick the cherries, I wash the beans in rainwater, ferment them, and finally I dry them in the sun. I don’t use any pesticides or herbicides. I don’t artificially irrigate my plants either; I let the natural rain take its course.

My farm and processes are a true throwback at how coffee used to be produced and cared for in the past. The only part I don’t participate in is the actual roasting. Roasting is a true science on its own. I drop the parchment at my friend’s roasting facility a mere 10 minutes away from my farm. He is a renowned award winning roaster in the community. We roast small batches, so none of my coffee gets shelved. I usually don’t go past a week or two between roasts. I try to have my coffee roasted on demand. The bags have a check valve that allow outgassing, but no external air to come in. This allows to maintain and extent the integrity and flavor of the coffee.

Know that all of my coffee comes from my farm. I don’t bring in any coffee from other farms, nor do I blend it with any other coffee beans. It is 100% single origin estate Hawaiian coffee from my plantation. It unmistakably possesses a flavor and quality of its own. Once I sell it all, that’s it for the season. Even if the calls and requests keep coming in, I don’t even consider buying coffee from other farms just to turn a profit. I stand behind what I believe and what I offer. So get it while you can! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until this year’s end for the new harvest…


Mahalo Nui Loa



17-4514 Huina Rd., Kurtistown HI 96760