Dedicated to Producing the Best

We are passionate about producing premium-quality estate coffee. Devotion, hard work and love for the land are our driving forces.

Ka paka ua o ke ola

Meaning "raindrops of life" in the Hawaiian language, it reflects the most precious of sources fundamental in the creation of the coffee bean: Water. As it flows down the slopes, water gets naturally filtered through the porous lava rock, picking up rich minerals and organic nutrients along the way.

Pristine natural coffee is what defines us.

The uniqueness of our land, the distinction in our coffee.

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.

All of my coffee comes from only my farm. I don't bring in any coffee from other farms, nor do I blend it with any other coffee beans. It is 100% single origin estate Hawaiian coffee from my plantation. It unmistakably possesses a flavor and quality of its own.

17-4514 Huina Rd., Kurtistown HI 96760